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I started my skincare journey in 2000 and realized my goal in 2002 when I became a licensed medical aesthetician.My focus was to practice in a medical setting that was results-driven.  I enjoyed a 10-year tenure with Dean working in their Skin Care Division, Essentials. I was privileged to work and have guidance from board Certified plastic surgeons, medical doctors, and seasoned medical aestheticians. I will always be grateful for that experience. What sets me apart from other skin care centers is my partnership with a signing medical director.  With his endorsement and signature,  I'm able to treat and resell pharmaceutical grade products. Traditionally, these products have only been available through your physician. I would have never considered opening my own medical spa without this partnership, as I believe this is the only way to get the results that you deserve.The sentiments above prove the passion I have for results-oriented skin care. I specialize in skin care analysis addressing aging, sun damaged and problem skin.  I believe that through education and individual patient care plans, we can achieve any skin care goal that you have. I am honored to have the opportunity to help you realize your skin care goals. Here is to healthy, radiant and beautiful skin.



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